This ultra-cool solid stainless steel case measures 4 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and half an inch deep. It has a strong latch and a spring-opening mechanism. The internal clip is spring loaded to hold your items securely in place.

The stainless steel wallet protects credit cards from RFID theft and demagnetization.

After the 007 image is inserted the top is filled with a crystal-clear, waterproof, UV-resistant glossy polymer. This makes the image amazingly vivid (even more so than my pictures gives it credit) and also virtually indestructible.

The case is perfect for a driver's license, business cards, coins, bills, credit cards (and credit card lock picks), cigarettes (long or regular), condoms, small spy gadgets or nearly anything else.

The polished steel inside and back lid also make a great mirror.


The Ultimate Spy Case for the man or woman who has everything.

Be 007 For 2010!!

Order Now While Supplies Last!!

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Blue - $15.00

Gold - $15.00

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